What atomizers work with XL Series products?

XL Series products are the iPad of the SOURCEvapes product line: they work with the larger atomizers they were designed for, as well the smaller 4 Series and 3 Series atomizers. 

XL Series products work with: 

  • XL Series (previously SOURCE orb XL atomizers)
    • Note: SOURCE nail XXL atomizers ONLY work on SOURCE nail XL bubblers
  • 4 Series (previously SOURCE orb 4 atomizers)
  • 3 Series (previously SOURCE orb 3 atomizers)

XXL Series atomizers only work with SOURCE nail XL glass bubblers.

Note: The glass globe from SOURCE nail XL Premium Kits is only compatible with 4 Series and 3 Series atomizers due to it's more compact size, not XL Series atomizers.

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