My Temperature Control (TC) battery does not read my atomizer, why?

Select few atomizers work with Temperature Control settings.

The following atomizers work with Temperature Control (TC) settings:

  • 4 Series
    • Quartz Single Coil
    • Quartz Double Coil
    • Black Ceramic Double Coil
    • White Ceramic Double Coil
    • SOURCE nail Titanium
    • SOURCE nail Ceramic
    • SOURCE nail Quartz

Some Temperature Control (TC) box mod batteries (Ex. Joyetech eVic-VT 60W) have temperature settings set between 300˚F-600˚F. Usually, these batteries are meant to be used for liquids with temperatures below 600˚F, which is much lower than XL Series atomizers are meant to heat. 

We recommend switching your battery to Variable Wattage Mode below 10w for optimal use with your XL Series products.

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