SOURCE orb XL - eGo Attachment

Works with:

  • Atomizers:
    • 3 Series atomizers
    • 4 Series atomizers
    • XL Series atomizers
  • Batteries:
    • SOURCE orb 4 Premium battery (510-to-eGo Adaptor Required)
    • SOURCE orb XL Premium battery
    • SOURCE volt Max box mod battery (510-to-eGo Adaptor Required)
    • SOURCE volt mini battery (510-to-eGo Adaptor Required)
    • SOURCE volt 30w battery (510-to-eGo Adaptor Required)
    • SOURCE volt 40w TC battery (510-to-eGo Adaptor Required)


  • 1x SOURCE orb XL Attachment
  • 1x 4 Series atomizer
  • 1x XL Series atomizer


  • 1x 4 Series SOURCE nail (10mm) - Quartz
  • 1x XL Series Triple Coil - Quartz

These come included inside it's clear plastic box.

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