How do I clean my SOURCE nail XL?

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How to clean your SOURCE nail XL glass

  • Bubbler
    1. Pour 91% isopropyl alcohol into the mouthpiece until the bubbler is 1/4 full of alcohol.
    2. Shake the bubbler carefully until all the residue inside the glass is removed.
    3. Once the inside of the glass is clean, pour water into the mouthpiece until all of the alcohol has be washed off.
    4. To empty out the water, blow out through the mouthpiece and shake gently until all liquid has blown off.
  • Globe
    1. Soak the globe into a container full of 91% isopropyl alcohol, until most material comes off.
    2. Once the glass is mostly clean, remove from a container and gently use a soft cloth to clean and dry the globe.

How to clean your SOURCE nail atomizers

  1. Unscrew the Ring Cap of the SOURCE nail atomizer by holding the atomizer body and twisting the ring counter-clockwise until it comes off.
  2. Gently remove the Bucket inside (Titanium, Ceramic, or Quartz) and submerge both the Bucket and the Ring Cap into a container full of 91% isopropyl alcohol until clean.
  3. Once the Bucket and Ring Cap are clean, use soft cloth to dry the Bucket and Ring Cap while finishing cleaning any remain of the material.
  4. If the outside of the atomizer body needs to be cleaned, use the soft cloth and spot clean with 91% isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Once the Bucket and Ring Cap have dried, gently place back into the atomizer body (make sure to not press down hard!), and screw the Ring Cap clockwise until closed.
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