How do I use my SOURCE slim 4?

How to Use & Power On

  1. Attach the SOURCE slim 4 attachment to your battery.
  2. Remove the Top of your SOURCE slim 4 and screw your desired atomizer clockwise unto the Base of the SOURCE slim 4 attachment.
  3. Fill your atomizer with the material you'd like to vaporize.
  4. Replace the Top of your SOURCE slim 4.
  5. Twist the Variable Airflow System (VAS) to your desired airflow.
  6. Power On/Unlock your battery by Clicking Sequentially 5 times.
  7. Choose our desired temperature (Low, Medium, or High)
  8. Once your battery powers up, twist the bottom voltage ring, and select your desired voltage.
  9. Once you have selected your desired temperature, you are ready to use your vape pen!
  10. Place your lips on the mouthpiece of the SOURCE slim 4, press and hold the Power Button, and inhale softly. (Allow 5 seconds for Coil-less to warm up)
  11. Release Power Button when done vaping, and take a few more cool hits to lower the temperature and any material left in the chamber.

How to Change Temperature

  • To change Temp Settings between LowMedium, and High, click the button Sequentially 3 times.
    • Green - Low (2.6v - 3.2v)
    • Blue - Medium (3.2v - 3.7v)
    • Red - High (3.7v - 4.2v)


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