What makes 4 Series atomizers better than others?

4 Series atomizers continue the SOURCEvapes standard that includes no plastic, glues, or dyes with the best quality materials. 

Notable Upgrades vs. Others

  • Stainless Steel 303 Build
    • 4 Series atomizers are built using Stainless Steel 303, a better upgrade over traditional copper.
    • USA Lab-Certified for purity.
  • Grade 1 Titanium Coils
    • 4 Series coiled atomizers use Grade 1 Titanium, the Most Pure Titanium on Earth, with negligible Iron content.
    • USA Lab-Certified for purity.
  • Food-Grade Ceramic
    • 4 Series ceramic atomizers use Food-Grade Ceramic to ensure the best taste. 
    • USA Lab-Certified for purity. 
  • Non-Resistive Leads
    • 4 Series coiled atomizers use copper non-resistive leads to protect the atomizer.
    • USA Lab-Certified for purity.
  • PTFE ("Teflon") Gaskets
    • 4 Series atomizers use upgraded PTFE Gaskets instead of traditional Silicone. PTFE has a 50% higher melting point compared to Silicone (600F vs. 400F) in case the non-resistive leads fail. 

Check each 4 Series Atomizer for a detailed breakdown. 

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