What makes XL Series atomizers better than others?

XL Series atomizers continue the SOURCEvapes standard that includes no plastic, glues, or dyes with the best quality materials. 

Notable Upgrades vs. Others

  • Stainless Steel 303 Build
    • XL Series atomizers are built using Stainless Steel 303, a better upgrade over traditional copper.
    • USA Lab-Certified for purity.
  • Grade 1 Titanium Coils
    • XL Series coiled atomizers use Grade 1 Titanium, the Most Pure Titanium on Earth, with negligible Iron content.
    • USA Lab-Certified for purity.
  • Food-Grade Ceramic
    • XL Series ceramic atomizers use Food-Grade Ceramic to ensure the best taste. 
    • USA Lab-Certified for purity. 
  • Non-Resistive Leads
    • XL Series coiled atomizers use copper non-resistive leads to protect the atomizer.
    • USA Lab-Certified for purity.
  • PTFE ("Teflon") Gaskets
    • XL Series atomizers use upgraded PTFE Gaskets instead of traditional Silicone. PTFE has a 50% higher melting point compared to Silicone (600F vs. 400F) in case the non-resistive leads fail. 

Check each XL Series Atomizer for a detailed breakdown. 

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