SOURCE volt Max TC (Temp Control) Box Mod (Original Firmware)


  • Do not leave charge in extreme temperatures (Very Hot or Very Cold)
  • Do not carry 18650 batteries in your pocket with other metals (keys, etc.)
  • Do not charge near moist environments.
  • Do not leave battery hanging by its cable. Make sure it is in a stable position.
  • Do not leave charging for extended periods of time.
  • Do not use while charging.
  • Charge in a well ventilated area. 
  • When charging, allow the battery to charge completely prior to using. 

SOURCE volt Max is our best Temperature Control (TC) battery, specifically designed for SOURCEvapes products, with an extended longer 15 seconds cut-off time, a temperature range from 200F - 700F, and a removable 18650 battery.


  • Included:
    • SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit (Pre 06/2017 model)
    • SOURCE nail XL Signature Kit (Pre 06/2017 model)
  • Atomizer Compatibility:
    • 3 Series atomizers
    • 4 Series atomizers
    • XL Series atomizers


  • Lock/Unlock: 5 Sequential Clicks
  • Temperature Range: 200F - 700F
  • Removable Battery: Yes
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hours (included Sony TVC4 battery)
  • Safety Cut Off: 15 seconds
  • 6 Modes Available:
    1. Power (Variable Wattage/VW)
    2. Temp Ni (Nickel Temperature Control)
    3. Temp Ti (Titanium Temperature Control)
    4. Temp SS316 (Stainless Steel 316 Temperature Control)
    5. TCR
    6. Bypass


  • Threading: 510 threading
  • Output wattage: 5W ~ 60W
  • Compatible resistance: 0.2ohm ~ 5.0ohm 
  • Screen: OLED screen
  • Battery cell: 18650 Sony TVC4 included
  • Battery capacity: 2100mAh
  • Wall charger output voltage: 5V
  • Wall charger input voltage: 110~240V

Product Information

  • Mode
    • Power (Variable Wattage/VW)
    • Temp Ni (Nickel Temperature Control)
    • Temp Ti (Titanium Temperature Control)
    • Temp SS316 (Stainless Steel 316 Temperature Control)
    • TCR
    • Bypass
  • Temp/Wattage
    • Temperature (in Temp Ni/Temp Ti/Temp SS316/TCR)
    • Wattage (in Power/Bypass)
  • Voltage/Wattage
    • Voltage (in Power/Bypass)
    • Wattage (in Temp Ni/Temp Ti/Temp SS316/TCR)
  • Resistance
    • Live resistance for the current atomizer. 
  • User Info
    • Amp: Live Current
    • Puff: Total Times Used
    • Time: Total Time Used

How to Use

  • Remove the Magnetic Cover in the back and insert an 18650 battery with the Positive + side Up (as shown above).
  • Press the Power Button sequentially 5 times to Power On.
  • Install a 510 attachment with a working atomizer. 
  • Press and hold the Power Button to power and activate the atomizer.
  • Use the Left Option and Right Option buttons to decrease or increase the Wattage or Temperature until you reach desired settings.

Switching Modes (Variable Wattage/Temp Control)

  • Note: Temp Control mode only supports a maximum resistance of 1.5 ohm. If higher, it will automatically switch to Variable Wattage/VW Mode.
  • Note: Kanthal Wire atomizers will switch to Variable Wattage/VW Mode after working for 2 seconds.
  • Press the Power Button sequentially 3 times, the Top Mode row on the screen will begin to flash. 
  • Press the Right Option button to switch to your desired mode:
    • Power (Variable Wattage Mode)
    • Bypass (Not Recommended w/ Most Atomizers; full 60w Output)
    • Temp Ni (Use Nickel coiled atomizers)
    • Temp Ti (Use Titanium coiled atomizers - Only Gr1/Gr2 Titanium, Not Titanium Alloy)
    • Temp SS316 (Use Stainless Steel 316 coiled atomizers)
    • TCR (Temperature Coefficient Resistance - See Section Below)
  • Press the Power Button to select your desired Mode

TCR (Temperature Coefficient Resistance) Mode

  • TCR Mode allows you to set your own resistance setting for other coils or atomizers. - Recommended for Advanced Users
  • 3 options:
    • M1
    • M2
    • M3
    • To Select different TCR Mode (M1/M2/M3), while selecting Mode and TCR flashing, press Left Option button to change to desired TCR Mode
  • To set your TCR settings:
    • Turn Off the battery
    • While Off, press and hold for 5 Seconds the Power Button and Right Option button simultaneously. This will send you to the TCR Set Menu.
    • Press the Left Option and/or Right Option to decrease or increase the Value of the TCR Mx selected from 1-1000.
    • Press the Power Button to finalize the desired setting and move to the next TCR Mx value. 
    • Repeat until all are selected.
    • TCR Value Examples:
Material TCR Value
Nickel 600-700
Titanium 300-400
SS 80-200

Lock Resistance in Temp Control Modes

  • While in a Temp Control Mode (Temp Ni/Temp Ti/Temp SS316/TCR), press the Power Button sequentially 3 Times until the Mode blinks. 
  • Press the Left Option button twice to select the Resistance line (3rd line). It will blink. 
  • Press the Right Option button to Lock or Unlock the current atomizer resistance. When you see a Lock symbol, it is locked. 
  • Only Lock the resistance while in Room Temperature, this will lock in the base resistance of the atomizer. As long as the coil is not changed, you can remove the atomizer when hot and cold and the same settings will be saved, as long as a new coil is not installed. 
  • If you install a new coil, reset your Resistance.

New Atomizer Installation

  • After installing a new atomizer, you can reset the saved settings/resistance, or use the same ones. 
    • Press the Right Option button if it's a new atomizer. SOURCE volt Max will reset with the resistance of the new atomizer.
    • Press the Left Option button if it's the same atomizer or you'd like to keep the same settings. 

Change Wattage in Temp Control Modes

  • Change the initial Wattage in Temp Control modes for faster heat up times.
  • While in a Temp Control Mode (Temp Ni/Temp Ti/Temp SS316/TCR), press the Power Button sequentially 3 Times until the Mode blinks. 
  • Press the Left Option button 1 time to select Wattage Line (2nd line). It will blink.
  • Press the Right Option button to raise the Wattage until you reach your desired setting. 
  • Press the Power Button to lock in and select your Wattage.

Adjust User Info Display

  • Press the Power Button sequentially 3 times. The Mode will blink. 
  • Press the Left Option button 3 times to select the User Info line (4th line). It will blink.
  • Press the Right Option button to switch between:
    • Puff: Total Number of Times Used
    • Time: Total Time Used in Seconds
    • AMP: Current battery Output.
  • To reset Puff and Time counters, please hold down the Power Button while either Puff or Time options are selected, whichever you'd like to reset. 

Troubleshoot and Indicators

  • Battery Reads "Over 15s Protection"
    • Explanation: When the Power Button is pressed for 15 seconds, the battery will turn off
    • Fix: Release the Power Button
  • Battery Reads "Atomizer Short"
  • Battery Reads Weak Battery:
    • Explanation: When the voltage of the battery is lower than 2.9v and the attachment with an atomizer is working, the output power is adjusted and the battery runs until power is exhausted.
    • Fix: Charge the battery
  • Battery reads Battery Low:
    • Explanation: Battery needs to be charged, will lock, and shut down.
    • Fix: Charge the battery
  • Battery Reads No Atomizer:
  • Battery Reads Atomizer Low:
  • Battery reads Protection (in Temp Control Modes):
    • Explanation: If the actual temperature is higher than the set temperature. 
    • Fix: None, it's working correctly. Adjust Temperature if necessary
  • Battery reads Device Too Hot:
    • Explanation: If the temperature of the battery is hotter than 150F, the device will shut off immediately.
    • Fix: Allow device ample time to cool down without use.


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