A Magnet from my SOURCE orb 4 attachment came off, what do I do?

We manufacture our products with the utmost care in products and materials, which means no glues or other adhesive materials. The magnets in the SOURCE orb 4 attachment are held together by sheer force inside the attachment, like the threaded top of the coiled 4 Series atomizers (ex. Black Ceramic Double Coil). 

In some cases, when the attachment is used at high temperatures, the Stainless Steel metal in the SOURCE orb 4 attachment will expand with heat. Because there is no glue holding the magnet, the magnet might slide out of the opening and come out. 

To fix this, quickly grab the magnet and press it back in with force. Once the attachment cools down, the magnet will again be securely snug.

If your magnet fell and cracked, file a Warranty Claim for your Lifetime Warranty. 

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