How do I activate my SOURCE ghost?

To activate your SOURCE ghost:

  1. Press the power button sequentially 3 times, then the indicator will turn on and flash White, it's lowest setting. 
  2. To change your desired temperature, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds. 
  3. Choose your desired temperature setting:
  4. White (365°F), Pink (392°F), or Blue (425°F)
  5. For each setting, the indicator light will flash while heating up and turn solid Green once the desired temperature is reached. 
  6. Once temperature is reached and color is solid Green, inhale slowly and Experience True Taste
  7. To turn off, simply press the power button sequentially 3 times. It will automatically turn off after 3 minutes. 

To check your current temperature setting while in use (Solid Green), simply press the power button 2 seconds and the light will change to its respective temperature color (WhitePink, or Blue). 

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