What is the warranty on batteries?

SOURCEvapes is committed to customer satisfaction and we value our loyal customers’ happiness above all else, which is why we are #1 in customer satisfaction, as well as #1 in product warranty.

The following batteries have Lifetime Warranty from the date of purchase:

  • SOURCE orb 3 Premium batteries
  • SOURCE orb 4 Premium batteries
  • SOURCE orb XL Premium batteries
  • SOURCE nail Premium batteries
  • SOURCE volt Mini batteries
  • SOURCE volt Mega batteries
  • SOURCE volt 30w batteries
  • SOURCE volt 40w TC batteries
  • SOURCE volt Max batteries

**SOURCE 10cig batteries have a 90-Day No-Hassle Warranty from any manufacturer's defect.

**Replaceable batteries (like the 18650 included in SOURCE ghost 2 and SOURCE volt Max) are consumable products and have a 1-Year No-Hassle Warranty and will need to be replaced.

If a physical defect arises and a claim is received within the corresponding warranty period, SOURCEvapes will at their discretion and to the extent permitted by law, either repair the product defect or exchange the defective product with a new respective product. Neither warranty covers normal performance and “wear and tear” degradation of batteries through normal performance or neglecting to adhere to cleaning instructions.

Not following any of the directions in the manual could potentially void the warranty.

All batteries are consumable parts that will inevitably need to be replaced over time, varying on user and care. Think of them like lightbulbs or spark plugs, the more you use them, the quicker they'll need to be replaced. This also includes running atomizers at higher voltages with more power, as well repeatedly charging your battery. 

We recommend cleaning your atomizers regularly, keeping them within the recommended voltages, and not firing them dry without material too often. 

What does this cover?

Manufacturing and shipping defects, as well as defects in materials and workmanship.

What does this NOT cover?

Dropping your product, using your product in any manner contrary to instruction in this manual, modifying your product, battery degradation.

If your battery has stopped working, we recommend first cleaning it. If your battery does not work afterwards and you are within your warranty period, please feel free to file a Warranty Claim.

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