How to use SOURCE ghost 2


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Charge your SOURCE ghost 2

  1. Use the included charger to charge your 18650 battery. Place the battery with the Negative (-) terminal on the spring. TIP: The Negative terminal is flat.  
  2. When the charger is plugged in with no battery, the light on the charger will flash Green. When the battery is properly placed on the charger, they light will change to Red while it is charging. TIP: If the battery is placed incorrectly, the light will remain Green
  3. Once the battery has fully charged, the light change to Green.
  4. Remove the battery once it has fully charged. Do not leave your battery charging longer after it has fully charged, this will degrade your battery. 

Place your battery in your SOURCE ghost 2

  1. Once your battery is fully charged, unscrew the cap of your SOURCE ghost 2's Battery Chamber on the bottom by rotating counter-clockwise.
  2. Inside the chamber is a magnetic Safeguard Chip used to protect the battery. 
  3. Magnetically attach the Safeguard Chip to the Negative (-) terminal of the battery right side up, leaving the smooth part of the Chip underneath the battery. 
  4. Place your battery inside the chamber, inserting the Positive (+) terminal first, and the Negative (-) terminal on the bottom. TIP: The smooth bottom part of the Safeguard Chip should be showing and sticking out. 
  5. Screw the cap of the Battery Chamber back on clockwise.

Use your SOURCE ghost 2

  1. Remove the plastic mouthpiece of your SOURCE ghost 2, revealing its ceramic chamber. 
  2. Grind as finely as possible your dry blends, using either the included Grinder or Grinder Card.
  3. Insert your finely ground herbs inside the ceramic chamber. Do not pack to tightly, we recommend filling to 70% capacity.
  4. Press the Power Button sequentially 3 times to turn on.
  5. When on, the Power Button will light Red indicating it is heating up. 
  6. SOURCE ghost 2 has 3 different settings:
    1. Low (White) - 365°F
    2. Medium (Purple) - 392°F
    3. High (Blue) (425°F) 
  7. Press and hold the Power Button 3 seconds and the Power Button light will change to the color of its current temperature (WhitePurple, or Blue). When the button is released, it will change back to either Heating Up (Red) or Ready (Green).
  8. To change your desired temperature, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds:
    1. First it will light up the current Temperature Setting
    2. Continue pressing to change to the next Temperature Setting
    3. To continue cycling through the temperatures, release the button for 2 seconds, and hold again. Once the highest setting has been reached (Blue), it will cycle to its lowest setting (White).
    4. Repeat until desired Temperature Setting is reached.
  9. For each setting, the indicator light will be Red while heating up and turn solid Green once the desired temperature is reached. 
  10. Once temperature is reached and color is solid Green, inhale slowly and Experience True Taste
  11. To turn off, simply press the power button sequentially 3 times. It will automatically turn off after 3 minutes. 
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